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Custom Fitting

Custom fitting is one of the latest developments in golf technology, designed to optimise both your performance and enjoyment!

Our trained specialists have years of experience in custom fitting clubs to improve performance and consistency of players of every age and ability. They will help tune the clubs specifically to you, and the best part is that this procedure generally costs no more than you'd pay when buying a set standard clubs directly off the shelf.

To ensure the accuracy of the custom fitting we use a flight scope launch monitor alongside our own fitting systems:

  • Ping - AFS ( Advance Fitting System)
  • Callaway - Opitfit
  • Taylormade - Select Fit
  • Titleist - Fittingworks
  • Mizuno - Performance fitting System with Swing DNA
  • Nike - 360 Fitting System

We also custom fit clubs for other manufacturers such as: Yonex, Wilson, Cobra, and PGA Collection.

What is a Flight Scope Launch Monitor?

A flight scope launch monitor aids the custom fitting process by measuring your swing speed, distances, and golf ball launch angles. Using this information we are able to show you which equipment is delivering the best results in improving distance and consistency.

How Long Does Custom Fitting Take?

Custom fitting on average takes around 45 minutes to complete for a set of irons. Custom Woods fittings take around 45 minutes to complete.

How Much Does Custom Fitting Cost?

When it comes to custom fitting for a set of irons we charge a fitting fee of £30. If after experiencing the custom fitting you wish to place an order for a set of clubs we will then refund you the fitting fee.

For custom fitting woods our fitting fee is £20. We refund the fitting fee if you chose to place an order.

To book an apointment, please call us on 02920 361122.