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Alex Ramadan

08 July 2024

There’s nothing like heading to the club once the working day is done with and enjoying the evening summer sunshine.

Escaping the office and driving to the course is such a freeing feeling, and seeing the 1st tee looking fairly free will always put a smile on our face. We’ve mastered the art of warming up by now and it isn’t long before we’ve hit our tee shot and we’re strolling merrily down the fairway.


Happily focused on our game as we’re playing along, it can be very satisfying when we take a moment to look around and realize there’s not a soul in sight. Playing millionaire’s golf after work in the evening is the perfect way to unwind.

We know all too well that time is of the essence when getting our kit together. When we’re nipping to the course in the evening, we need our gear to be as portable as possible so we can fit in as much golf as the fading hours will allow.

Today we want to offer you some solid recommendations of golf bags from PowaKaddy that are lightweight, easy to use, and ideal for some quick golf in a pinch. Whether you’re heading to the course on a lazy summer’s afternoon, or gearing up for a competition on the weekend.


PowaKaddy X-Lite cart bag

Weight: 2.3kg

7 individual pockets

Available in 3 colours

As the name implies, the X-Lite cart bag is made with very lightweight materials, and will give you everything you need for an enjoyable round of golf. The bag has a generous 14-way divider that lets you organize your clubs by category or however you’d like to store them.

As you might expect, PowaKaddy has gone out of their way to make this bag effortlessly easy set up. The bag has an easy to use grab handle located next to the dividers that makes it straightforward to lift for short distances. Once you’ve attached your bag to your trolley, PowaKaddy’s MAG-LOK magnet system keeps your gear firmly in place as you walk around the course.

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PowaKaddy DLX-Lite cart bag

Weight: 2.6kg

11 individual pockets

Available in 3 colours

PowaKaddy makes a whole range of excellent cart bags, and if you’re looking for something with a little more capacity while still being pleasingly light, the DLX-Lite will suit your needs. This bag also has a spacious 14-way divider at the top, and a dedicated putter well to keep your time on the greens as speedy as possible.

The bag has a whopping 11 individual pockets so you’ll have plenty of room to store and organize your equipment. This highly versatile bag has additional features that are perfect for accessories, including a towel and accessory holder, pencil holder, and scorecard sleeve. You can pick up this bag in Yellow, Gun Metal, and Blue colour variations.

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We know it can be a bit of a process deciding on what kind of golf bag is best for your game and lifestyle. We have a whole variety of bags available in the pro shop, and we’d be happy to walk you through the various features of each bag when you visit us in the pro shop.

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